It’s really like they’re in a rockband

I feel I am more attracted to black women.

Ever since I hooked up with my elementary school crush. It was a whole new experience for me. She made me feel wanted, she made me feel like I was a human, she made me feel more confident and made me feel like I was more attractive than what some other women label me as. She also taught me to be more proud of who I am and what race I am. Before her. I’ve never been with a black woman. Other than like a random encounter, but I never physically been with a black woman that was I strongly attracted to. I’ve always loved black women and I’ve always wanted to be with one, but at the time when I was younger I pretty much grew up with white people. Most white people kinda made me feel embarrassed to be black and I went through a self hate phase which I’m not proud of. After being with her for the short time we actually had. I find it a lot harder to attract myself to any other race. Like it’s not as easy as it was when I was a teenager. Some of the women that I had huge crushes on and always wanted to date are now not attractive to me anymore. Even my first real girlfriend isn’t attractive to me anymore and I remember I fell head over heels for her and got super emotional over. Even though me and her are not on the best of terms. I still pray for her, I’m thankful of her coming into my life, I always hope she’s doing okay and that maybe one day we can talk again one day. I feel today I am more proud to be black than I was when I was younger. TL;DR - I’m still attracted to every race, but I’m strongly attracted to my own race.

I would rather trade all these hoes just for one good woman.

she didn’t care about me like I cared about her. 

Man, sometimes I wish me and her was still talking. All I can do is just live off memories and pray that she is doing okay. I don’t hold any grudges period. A part of me still really cares about her just because I knew her for so long. I hope one day me and her talk again.

Ever since I dated “her”.

It’s really taught me alot about myself. I’m not attracted to the same women I was attracted to before. It actually raised my standards of what I want in a woman REALLY high. I deserve the best. Also it made me more interested in black women. Not the ignorant kind, but a really classy black woman. It’s weird because before I was more into other races. Maybe a black woman and I mostly dated white women. Never had a black girlfriend. I’m not even physically attracted to my first ever real girlfriend or half the women who liked me and threw me in the friend zone and made me feel bad about who I am.

I just want a woman with a nice ass and a beautiful smile. Race doesn’t matter. Is that too hard to ask for?

In history class…


"White people built america"


"Columbus is a hero"


"Manifest Destiny" 


"Survival of the fittest" 


"Slavery, segregation, some MLK & Rosa Parks happened, end of racism"


"The Melting Pot" 


"Land of the free/opportunity"